Smart Buildings Technology Report A - Dec 6th, 2023
News and analysis on smart projects and innovations.
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December 6, 2023
Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory offer a framework for assessing the security of building systems, a low-hanging fruit for cyber adversaries to penetrate a network.
With proper planning, smart buildings can offer a smart, energy efficient amenity that saves money and supports employees and visitors.
Autonomous BAS technologies can predict and adapt to consumption patterns, lowering electricity and heating/cooling draw to dramatically low levels—even in aging facilities.
Firm’s new AI+ digital transformation strategy to advance CRE, enabling AI at scale while furthering operations, client delivery and data stewardship.
Sited at a prime corner in northwest Washington, D.C., the 11-story, 334,000-square-foot officer tower developed and owned by Skanska is more than half leased before its completion.
Innovative Trimble Technology Lab opens in the university's new technology hub.
Automation can help supplement your human staff to keep your facility clean. Here’s what to consider if you’re thinking about investing.
Improving economic viability, driven by cost reductions in advanced technologies like lithium-ion batteries, has helped make energy storage a financially attractive solution.
Mark Kidd, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Iron Mountain Data Centers & Asset Lifecycle Management, takes a look at how Generative AI is reshaping the data center landscape — unveiling challenges in power consumption, e-waste and sustainability.
Featured in this wrap of global activity aimed at bringing about an eco-friendlier world: Battery deals in Asia and Europe and solar in South Africa and Australia